Carnival Costumes

Check out our great selection of fancy dress costumes and masks for Carnival fans and party freaks!

Carnival Costumes

Check out our mega selection of fancy dress outfits and costumes for Carnival fans and party freaks and enjoy a crazy Carnival or Mardi Gras!

Funny costumes for Carnival and Mardi Gras become increasingly popular. A cool fancy dress costume can be used all year long for themed parties or stag and hen nights. Here at Karneval Universe you will find an incredible selection of funny Carnival costumes and masks and all the matching costume accessories.

We offer classic fancy dress outfits like clown costumes, priest costumes and pirate costumes as well as sexy costumes like our patent leather nun costume or the cheeky flasher costume. It goes without saying that you will also find scary and spooky outfits like the zombie nurse costume, the convict costume,  the dead monk costume and, naturally, lots of vampire capes and witch dresses. Fantasy movie series like Harry Potter and Twilight have made fancy dress costumes essential accessories for themed events or children's birthday parties where old and young enjoy slipping into the role of their movie heros. Karneval Universe offers costumes for all ages and in all sizes, so you will also find a great selection of plus size and XL costumes in our shop.

Carnival is the craziest time of the year and many people consider it the "fifth" season. If you think that the weather during Carnival is too cold for a sexy costume, just wait for summer and get a hot outfit for the beach parties, Hawaiian theme events and pool parties!
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