Indian Costume M

Item #: 15874 M

Indian Costume M

Indian shirt for Wild West fans

Who has not dreamed as a child, even to take on the famous role of Karl Mays Winnetou and disguised as Indians brave to fight for peace and justice? Indian costumes offer for the best opportunity! With imaginative details of creativity in the compilation of Indian costumes are no limits.By trousers and skirts, which are adorned with fringe, beads or colored feathers, Indians make costumes for the perfect fun and entertainment at any party.

The Indian shirt is cut in the classic tunic shape and cut frayed at the sleeves and hem, the transition is stitched with a yellow ribbon.Additionally, it has an implied Shoulder Throw the frayed also outside rim has the yellow ribbon, in addition to the collar a second layer of darker fringes which is stitched with a red patterned ribbon.Crazy Disco Afro Wig coffee heather and Indian wig not incl.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: M 48-50