Astronaut Costume XL
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Astronaut Costume XL

Item #: 8801132 XL

Astronaut Costume XL

The astronaut costume dare you the first steps on the moon

The first moon landing in 1969 was a milestone in the history of space travel.The spacemen were ready with your astronaut jumpsuit ideal for your mission on the white planet.The space suit helps the cosmonauts to move in space and breathe.With our astronaut costume XL you turn yourself on carnival and theme parties in a spaceman where the women are the only way to fly behind her.

The one-piece astronaut costume XL is orange, has on the chest several spaceman badge depicting a rocket, an eagle and a "space" logo.On the upper arm, there is an American flag.To stay with your crew on board and the ground station in constant contact, you could be the pilot helmet need well.If you want to go with your little ones together to explore, there is the Astronauts children overalls for junior-spaceman.

Product Information:
  • Astronaut Costume XL
  • Color: orange
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: XL = Total length: approx170 cm - Hip width: ca65 cm - Shoulder width: about55 cm - Sleeve length: about60 cm