Carnival Masks

Mask fans will love our sensational range of Carnival and Halloween masks! Order our Venetian masks, latex or vinyl masks while stocks last!

Carnival Masks

What we love so much on Carnival, are the many fantastic ways to reinvent ourselves

On Carnival it is easy to turn into an alien,  freaky or funny being. Anything mad is normal. In everyday life we do not easily get this chance. Neighbours and collegues would throw us funny looks if we were wandering around in fancy dress and with a mask on our face on a normal day.  However, on Carnival we are allowed to dress up and ifwe are lucky, we even win a costume award...

To achieve this ambitious goal, we recommend you have a look at our selection of Carnival masks. They will help you to change your looks and your peronality. Halloween and horror movie masks for instance give you the possibility to turn yourself into a demon or a monster, while Venetian masks make you look elegant and mysterious.

The wearing of masks is an ancient, pagan tradition. Masks were usually worn for rituals, cerimonies and festivities. Masks are used all over the world and often they are associated with religious or magic powers. The use of masks for cerimonial purposes, for example, helps to create a mysterious atmosphere. It is remarkable that not only the traditonal use, but also the physical characteristics of masks in different cultures are the same.

Nowadays we associate masks with movie characters, films, art, stage plays or with Halloween and Carnival. Even though the original use of masks differs form the modern one, they still are exciting and mysterious accessories. Fascinating  in equal measure for the wearer and for the beholder. Even though the ceremonial use of masks has changed considerably over the years, the custom to wear masks on Halloween and Carnival still reflects the need to create an atmosphere that differs from everyday life.

Luckily the materials the Carnival masks are made of have changed. They used to be made of natural materials such as wood and leather, while nowadays they are mainly made of latex and plastics, so they are a lot lighter and much more comfortable to wear.

Our huge selection of Halloween and Carnival masks includes foam latex masks, PVC and plastic masks and many more. You can be sure to find the right mask for the next Carnival parade or masked ball here at Karneval Universe!
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