Boxer Foam Latex Mask

Item #: 12973

Boxer Foam Latex Mask

Realistic facial mask for a complete change!

The Boxer foam latex mask shows a male face and is ideal for radical changes to Halloween and carnival.Foamlatex masks are very popular with film and theater, as well as for photo shoots.With the Boxer foam latex mask you'll definitely an eye-catcher at any Halloween or carnival party.

The Boxer Foam Latex Mask is a full head mask made of soft foamed latex, which enjoys by the wearing comfort and good adaptation to the own facial expressions become increasingly popular in a variety of areas.The foam latex mask lets your imagination run wild and thus post them with the Playboy Wig and Beard in light brown or Mens Wig Ulrich Grey combine.Thus you will gain every time a new character and you can style individually for various events

1 x Boxer Foam Latex Mask
  • Material: Foam Latex
  • breathable
  • Adult size
  • Openings for the nose, eyes and mouth
  • neck free