Brutal Billy Foamlatex mask

Item #: 14266

Brutal Billy Foamlatex mask

Eerie Horror mask with realistic facial features

Mask now with the sinister face mask and thus play a creepy character from a horror movie.The Brutal Billy Maske is very reminiscent of characters from movies such as "Wrong Turn" or "The Hill have Eyes", in each debile Hillybillys and rednecks, play the leading role.

The eerie grinning mask of the small Billy is made of breathable / foam latex.The soft material of the mask is very comfortable to wear and it does not sweat so fast.The excellent fit of the Brutal Billy Maske allows the facial expressions of the support remains for the most part.

1 x Brutal Billy Foamlatex mask

  • Colour: Skin color
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: foam latex