Larva Foam Latex Mask

Item #: 19304

Larva Foam Latex Mask

A shocking horror mask for an extraordinary Halloween look!

This foam latex mask will turn you into a freshly hatched human larva, so you'll be perfectly styled for any kind of Halloween or horror event. Their realistic looks make foam latex masks a great horror disguise and mega popular movie, theatre or foto shoot accessories.

Foam latex masks are breathable and fit absolutely perfectly. They look extremely realistic because the wearer's facial expressions are in large part visible on the masks. This adult size horror mask features slits for eyes and mouth. The mask does not cover the neck which guaranteed easy on and off. Match your Larva mask with our Zombie Skeleton Costume XL or the Phantom Priest Costume for an extra spooky look.

Additional information on the Larva Foam Latex Mask:

  • material: foam latex
  • one size fits most adults
  • breathable
  • mask without neck
  • eye and mouth slits