Witch mask Babajaga
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Witch mask Babajaga

Item #: 12972

Witch mask Babajaga

Eerie latex mask of an old witch

The witch Babajaga was a fortune-teller who lived in the forest and was known that they could curse people.Death was her best friend and the Witch Babajaga knew no mercy when it came to call evil forces.Mask now with the witch mask Babajaga as an old woman or wicked witch.

The witch mask is made of soft foam latex and has a very good fit.Masks made of foam latex are breathable and you sweat not so easy to wear.Another advantage of the mask is Foamlatex that remains mimic partly.The witch mask Babajaga Halloween and Walpurgis Night can come.
  • Delivery: 1 x Witch mask Babajaga
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: foam latex