Bleeding Zombie Scream Mask

Item #: 18054

Bleeding Zombie Scream Mask

The Bleeding Zombie Scream Mask has become a classic Halloween and horror mask thanks to the popularity of part 4 of horror movie Scream. The teenybopper slasher movie movie is made like a classic detective story in the course of which more or less any character eventually becomes a suspect. Like in a counting out rhyme, the number of suspects increases along with the number of victims of the white masked serial killer. The film as well as the  Scream Mask are very popular, namely on Halloween, and you can be sure that the release of the latest Scream sequel on DVD and Blu Ray will increase the popularity of the  Bleeding Zombie Scream Mask once more this year. A heart-shaped pump provides the blood running all over the Bleeding Zombie Scream Mask of the half decayed Scream killer. The Bleeding Scream Mask set consists of mask, hood, fake blood and heart-shaped pump. 

Material: mask: PVC, hood: 100% polyester

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