Carnivore Clown Mask
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Carnivore Clown Mask

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Carnivore Clown Mask

It happened during his time in the army. He and his comrades had run ashore at a deserted atoll. The sea was full of sharks and they soon found out that there was nothing to eat but venomous plants. It was no surprise that the number of survivors diminished rapidly. He who once was a clown and had made so many children in the hospital laugh, was a very skilled hunter and so the madness of trying to survive this hell made him sharpen his teeth with stones in order to obtain the dentition of a predator. After a few weeks and shortly before dying of hunger he was saved from the island, but he was the only one. After this traunatic experience he was given the sack without even being heard. So he joined a circus to work as a clown once more. As you don't bite the hand that's feeding you, he chose his victims in the backstreets of the small towns where they would show their performance. The evil buffoon with the sinister face wears typical clown make-up in white, blue and red. His long and gruesome bloody fangs are extremely creepy. The harlequin wear his small spot of orange hair shaped like a little cone in the middle of his head. If you're not into wearing masks but still want to be a clown, we recommend Aqua Color White 30ml for make-up and a Foam clown nose.

Material: latex