Cruel Firestarter mask

Item #: 14715

Cruel Firestarter mask

Ingenious and particularly beautifully painted devil mask made of latex

He who is responsible at times for kindling of purgatory, the ever-burning agony, it can not accept, labile, but to seduce the mentally ill also fundamentally evil people to arson.Then the Firestarter enjoys the flames and dancing is about to his skin from burning lust.

The full head latex mask the cruel fire devil is characterized by good fit and lovingly detailed painting.Imposing snarling teeth and dangerous winking eyes let the cruel Firestarter does not look good.With the demons of hell as Demon Xaphan Mask and Demon Gula Mask he concocts always of new malignancies.

  • Delivery: 1 x Cruel Firestarter mask
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: latex