Devil Mask with Horns Red

Item #: 19337

 Devil Mask with Horns Red

Become a creature from the netherworld with this creepy demon mask!

As Lucifer is a welcome guests at Hallowen parties, this Devil Mask is a truly classic Halloween mask. Turn yourself into a horrifying creature from hell with our cool latex mask and makedown everyone's blood curdle. This satan mask is a must-have accessory for all horror and demon fans.

With this diabolic mask you will be the star of any fancy dress party, because this red latex mask is a fantastic eye-catcher. The mask features huge grey devil horns and a red complexion. Nasty yellow teeth, pointed ears and the shaggy plush hair make this satan mask look really scary. The mask covers the entire face while the back of the head is covered by a kind of wig. The mask features eye, nose and mouth holes for easy seeing and breathing. It is possible to pass a straw through the hole between the devil's teeth, so you can drink without taking your mask off.

With our Devil Hands Latex and the Baroque Devil Costume you can make your devil look complete. Don't forget to use our Devil Makeup Stack to cover your neck and the area around your eyes!

Additional information on the devil mask:

  • one size fits most adults
  • colour: red, black
  • big horns
  • big, pointed ears
  • black hair
  • eye, nose and mouth holes
  • material: latex and plush