Faun Half Mask with Wig

Item #: 19338

Faun Half Mask with Wig

Become a mythical creature from a fantasy world with this faun mask!

A Faun is a magical woodland creature from Roman mythology. They have the upper body of a human, but the legs and hoofsof a goat. They also have a goat nose, horns and ears. With this fantastic half mask you an turn yourself into a faun or satyr in the blink of an eye. The mask party is amde of latex and covers the forehead and nose. The impressive horns and characteristic goat ears make this half mask look really authentic.  A wild mane of synthetic hair is attached to the mask.  A great and easy way to turn yourself into a fabulous creature for Halloween or carnival.

This half mask has the features of a faun with the forehead, nose, ears and horns of a goat and a mane of shaggy synthetic hair. The Faun Half Mask with Wig is the ideal costume accessory to make your fantasy creature look complete. Have a look at other fabulous half masks such as the Mythical creatures half mask and the Devil Half Mask with hair in our shop!

  • one size fits most adults
  • half mask
  • goat horns, ears and nose
  • material: latex and synthetic hair

Material: 100 % polyester