Grim Reaper mask scraps

Item #: 15380

Grim Reaper mask scraps

Skull mask made of latex and gunny cloth

The quick-witted Grim Reaper is unbamherzig and cold when it comes to hunt souls and to accompany them on their way into the realm of shadows.The Black Death has the classic look of a skull with sunken eye sockets, a tooth row of old teeth with various gaps and a hood made of solid, black burlap fabric.

The Masque of the dreaded Grim Reaper is made of latex and has a fully movable lower jaw speech and expression permits.Upper Cool Horror and Halloween mask for horror parties, carnivals and Walpurgisnacht.The eyes still with Aqua Color black 30ml makeup and matching Deluxe Skeleton gloves and already you can go on tour!

1 x Grim Reaper mask scraps

  • Colour: Beige
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex and gunny cloth