Punk Clown Mask

Item #: 14952

Punk Clown Mask

The evil clown is freshly escaped from the horror circus

Mask you as nasty horror clown and troubled about Halloween your party guests as devilishly grinning jester.With Punk Clown Mask you can experience just as an evil clown at a fancy dress party in the horror circus.At the sight of the pierced Horror Clowns it is understandable that there are people with a clown phobia!

Cool Horror clown mask of evil grinning and pierced punk clown with green Iroquois wig Deluxe blue Haircut.The white clown mask with devilish cheeky grin and green, red makeup is made of vinyl and has a very good fit.

  • Delivery: 1 x Punk Clown Mask
  • Material: vinyl
  • Color: White / Green / Black / Red