Venetian Masks

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Venetian Masks

Celebrate the Carnival of Venice with our gorgeous Venetian masks

The masks of the Italian Carnival of Venice are maybe the most famous and most fascinating face masks worldwide.
Venetian masks come in lots of colours, shapes and designs. The classic Venetian masks have illustrious names like Colombina and Jolly, often they are handmade and handpainted. Most of these face masks are genuine works of art that combine artistic perfection with creative sensuality.

Venetian masks have always been a sexy fancy dress accessory as they would make their wearer look mysterious and seductive at the same time. Historical masquerades and the famous Carnival of Venice made Venetian masks famous and popular all over the world. The masks symbolize glamour and wealth, decadence and the mystic attraction of the unknown. Sumptous masked balls, glittering parties and secret love affairs would be unthinkable without the gorgeous Italian Carnival masks.

The glamorous masks are made with lots of attention to loving detail and usually feature a lot of gold, glitter and decorative trimmings. More and more people buy the beautiful feather or leather masks merely for decoration purposes and us them to adorn their  homes. In this category you will find extravagant luxury masks made of metal, stick masks and masks with mysterious Commedia dell'Arte names like the Zanni, Jolly or Colombina mask.
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