Punk Vampire Wig white black

Item #: 16884

Punk Vampire Wig white black

Vampire princess wig for women

The is a vampiress with Punk Vampire Wig white black well coiffed is unquestionable and so the synthetic hair wig is an integral part of Vampirbraut wardrobe.The Vampire with fashion go is likely to be well known since the filming of the Twilight novels by Robert Pattinson in the lead roles.The beautiful Punk Vampire Wig black and white shows impressively that the vampire world also happy times carrying the precious punk Look showcased.TV series like True Blood show a completely different picture than that of the classical bloodsucker and let the Punk Vampire Wig black and white as a modern vampire hairstyle.

Modern synthetic hair wig has white streaks in her black hair, smooth strands two frames the face while the crimped hair at the back is tied to a washing time ponytail.In combination with the Scarecrow Lady Fangs Vampire Fangs , something Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and painted with Vampire Makeup Make Up Stack from the horror shop.com expires you every mortal and lets you volunteered your teeth sink into his neck.