Rococo Wig Pink
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Rococo Wig Pink

Item #: 8800307

Rococo Wig Pink

This is a dream wig from the days of rococo!

Fashion in 18th century was a different. Women and men wore heavy make-up and ostentatious wigs. People smelt rather unpleasant and used tons of parfume to cover their body odour. You had to look good to be least so they thought back then. It was a time where glamorous looks were decisive for one's destiny and career.
The Rococo Wig Pink has a very elegant baroque shape. The enormous beehive-style wig features a cheeky fringe and sexy corkscrew curls, but it's its  flashy pink colour to make the Rococo Wig the ultimate eye-catcher. Turn into a 18th century, punk style noblewoman and match your Rococo Wig Pink with our Sisie Marie Costume. L or the Madame de Sade Costume Deluxe!

Material: synthetic hair