Glasses with Mexicans beard

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Glasses with Mexicans beard

Viva Zapata!

As Emiliano Zapata in Mexico fought against the government along with Pancho Villa and other revolutionary leaders, he was at least superior to a point colleagues: he had the most magnificent mustache from throughout Mexico.In a country teeming with impressive beards only so that was no small feat.If he had had a detachable beard wearing dark glasses, perhaps the Killerkomando had he not been recognized, the 1919 lured him into an ambush.

The funny dark glasses with Mexicans beard is a simple and new way, sometimes quickly enter the global Moustache trend.The black tinted glasses has a turned-down mustache made of shiny black plastic befesteigt two small chains.On the sides of the bracket a little Moustache metal logo attached.Who denies the Moustache trend, can also to the Hipsterbrille with eyebrows fall back, who has different mustache shapes rather, in Glasses with hipster beard , Biker glasses with beard and Vampire glasses with mustache find it.

  • Material : Plastic, metal
  • Color Black