Elegant Taffeta Witch

Item #: 12640

Elegant Taffeta Witch

This witch hat is special about your Walpurgisnacht

The purple taffeta witch hat is a big hit, because who is special, should particularly look.This elegant pointed hat you need to worry about admirers at Halloween, Carnival and Carnival worry no more.

Super Beautiful, elegant purple witch hat made from satin with lots of black taffeta and several small glittering spider as an accessory.The Witch's Hat is a real looker and very different from the traditional black, very simple witches hats.The matching hat for the Seductive Spider Witch Costume. M / L That eerie Bloodlust Widow Costume or Covenant Black Beauty Costume ,

Lierferumfang: 1x Elegant Taffeta Witch
  • Color: Purple / Black
  • Material: 100% Polyester