Giant Sombrero
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Giant Sombrero

Item #: 8801295

Giant Sombrero

It is time for a siesta!

The mexican sun hat is part of the traditional costume in Central and South America. Like the poncho it is a garment made to protect the wearer from the effects of weather. The giant sunhat has become the characteristic headwear in Mexican westerns where it usually is the villain's trademark.

The huge straw sombrero with the big brim turns you into an authentic Mexican and is a great sun protection, too. The extreme design of the large brim and the pointed top of the hat are perfect for a funny Mexican costume. Match this cool hat with our Serape and the Moustache Brummel Black and your look will be perfect.

Product informations:

  • Material: straw
  • Colour: beige-yellow


  • Outside diameter: approx. 72 cm
  • Inside diameter: approx. 20 cm
  • Height: approx. 30 cm