Giant Sombrero

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Giant Sombrero

Classic sombrero as Mexican Costume Accessories

Disguise yourself in the Carnival and Carnival once as Mexicans and possess with the Sombrero a classic costume accessories.
The Mexican sun is now one of the traditional dress in South and Central America, and the poncho he also is a garment to get you through weathering.The Large shade is made of any Mexico-Western imagine more and has become a true trademark of all Banditos.

The giant sombrero straw with its large brim as costume accessories turn you into a real Mexican.The upwardly pointed cap and the wide sweeping brim are with their exaggerated design perfect for Mexican joke costumes.Super hirzu fits the Serape and the Moustache Brummel Black ,

1 x Giant Sombrero

  • Material: Straw
  • Color: Beige Yellow
  • Size.approximately60 cm diameter
  • Height: ca.30cm