Antique Hexenbesen 105 cm

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Antique Hexenbesen 105 cm

Classic witches' broom for Halloween & Walpurgisnacht

If Halloween and Walpurgis Night are on the calendar, ride the witches on her enchanted broomsticks through the night.From millenary wood, inlaid with toad slime, and dried over old bones, the witches' broom is the bevorzuget means of the dreaded Forest witches.Our ancient witches' broom your witch costume is something very special and get an additional witch highlight.

The beautifully crafted witches' broom looks like he was from another century and thus enchants every witch.So watch the you no adversary steals the ancient witches' broom.Ossified and twisted the plastic handle of witches' broom, while real, bound twigs used for sweeping at the lower end.

  • Scope of supply: 1 x ancient witches' broom
  • Material: Stem made of plastic, the end of genuine brushwood
  • Size: approx. 105 cm long