Peacock Feather

Item #: 8800350

Peacock Feather

Top quality colourful Peacock Feathers are great for crafting, decorating and creating extravagant headdresses. 

The beautiful Peacock Feather is a great fashion accessory and an eye-catching decoration. Peacock Feathers are very special accessories which have always been used to adorn places and people.

The special shimmer of a Peacock Feathers contains no colour pigments. The impression of colur is created by light interference (interference colour) in tiny air chambers in the plumage. If these air chambers are destroyed the plumage is dark grey. The elegant feather itself features beautiful shades of green, the "eye" of is the characteristic blue to black shading. The Peacock Feather is approx. 70 - 90 cm long. Have a look at other feathery accessories such as the plume, the Feather Fan Red or the Venetian Eye Mask Red in our shop!

Material: real Peacock Feather, length approx. 70 - 90 cm