Shred Zombie Child Costume M

Item #: 16243 M

Shred Zombie Child Costume M

Cool Zombie disguise for kids!

The shreds Zombie costume you can dance until the sparks fly! So undead as you are with this Zombie disguise, everyone will shudder in front of you.Whether for Halloween parties or Zombie Walks, with this rag zombie costume you're always the best advice when it comes to the undead.

The black rag zombie children's costume consists of the habit with a hood and long sleeves, which is coated with gray rotting gauze.The Zombie Kids cowl is supported with a rope as a belt.consisting By matching zombie perfume from Fragrance Oil Dungeon a re-union moldy smell, you any decreases that you've just emerged from the crypt.With Cobweb 40gr white. and Decoration Moss 125g you can make additional scary Halloween costume.

Information to shreds Zombie costume:

  • Size M corresponds, 116-128 (5-7 years)
  • Material: 100% Polyester