Werewolf costume gray Gr.M
Werewolf costume gray Gr.M Werewolf costume gray Gr.M
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Werewolf costume gray Gr.M

Item #: 15320 M

Werewolf costume gray Gr.M

Creepy Werewolf Costume with werewolf mask for children

Ingenious werewolf costume for children with gray fur and a creepy wolf mask.The little werewolf turns at full moon in a sweet sweet tooth and plunders every supermarket.

The werewolf costume for children includes the werewolf mask with realistic-looking teeth, the gray chest hair looking out of the shirt in lumberjack look and matching werewolf paws.As little snack suitable our Leg left Vinyl and Plush Panda Children Costume

  • Delivery: Werewolf mask, shirt with fake fur trim, 2 gloves, Danger: Hose not included.!
  • Mask material: PVC mask with fake fur,
  • Material teeth: polyresin
  • Material costume: 75% polyester and 25% acrylic, 58% PVC gloves and 42% acrylic.
size M ca.127-145
Arm length: approx. 42 cm
Shoulder to shoulder approx. 40 cm
Overall length: approx. 45 cm
Waist width: approx. 48 cm