Lord Lucifer Deluxe Costume

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Lord Lucifer Deluxe Costume

Lucifer, the Light-bearer was one of the most beautiful angel and God darling angel

The Demon Lucifer tried themselves to increase to be equal with the Creator.Then he was driven by the will of God in hell.He reigns since then as a demon and Beelzebub over demons and devils.When Lord Lucifer, he tries to seduce since to do evil people.With the luxury Lucifer costume for Halloween or Carnival you will even the ruler of the underworld!

The ingenious devil costume consists of a red muscle torso made of padded fabric, the black red cape, a belt with a loincloth and golden skull, matching red gloves and black boots gauntlets.Give your appearance with the Devil Make Up Set and Devil Contact Lenses the finishing touches.

  • Delivery: hooded cape, red muscle shirt, belt with skull buckle, 2 gloves and 2 Stiefegamaschen
  • Size: ML
  • Dimension: The Cape is about160 cm long.The shoulder width is approx. 14 cm.The shell is about74 cm long, sleeve length about60 cm.
  • Material: 100% polyester, filling 100% polyester, cuffs 100% Polyester
  • Trident devil fork and Devil Horns Small / Devil Horns Small not incl.