Sexy Glimmer Witch Costume Size XL / 38-40

Item #: 15714XL

Sexy Glimmer Witch Costume Size XL

As carnival gets more and more steamy, even the witches have to follow fashion. Times where witches were ugly beings on broomsticks with big warts on their noses are definitely over. The Glimmer Witch is a a modern witch and she's doing whatever it takes to charm the pants off young guys and wizards. This extraordinarily sexy costume consists of a shimmering black mini dress with a double-layered skirt and a top with glimmer lacing, a black cloak with stand-up collar and a tattered witch hat. This costume runs very small!

Size XL is German size 38-40!

Material: 100% polyester

Costumes from the Premium Collection are first-class workmanship. Fabrics are of better quality and heavier than the fabrics usually used for fancy dress costumes. Fabrics like velvet, artificial silk, chiffon, brocade, tricot and lace are used to make these costumes. Often they are richly decorated with stitchings or borders. The costumes also have proper zip-up and button closures.