Spider Body Art Tattoos

Item #: 18748

Spider Body Art Tattoos

Glittering spiderlings to apply to your skin!

These little black widows with rhinestone details and glitter are mega cool body art stickers for Halloween. Simply apply the sexy body stickers to your skin by following a few easy steps and you are guaranteed to have a great Halloween body makeup that will last all night. The spider tattoos are ideal accessories for Halloween and other spooky fancy dress events,  for foto shoots and hot club nights.

This set of Body Art Tattoos contains eight small spiders that make an eye-catching body decoration. Match these body stickers with the Spider Tattoo Collar and one of our sexy instant eye makeups such as the Xotic Eyes Glitter Black Silver and your look will be absolutely glamorous. The Spider Body Art Tattoos are blck and silver glitterind stickers with black rhionestone details. If handled carefully, the fake tattoos are reusable. If necesary, use a little Mastix spirit gum small to stick them on.


- Apply only to skin that is clean and free of makeup!
- Peel off the transparent film on the backside of the spiders
- Make sure the edges don't stick together as they are difficult to pull apart again.
- The stickers are very flexible to guarantee comfortable fit and durability.
- Hold the body sticker on the clear cover film and put it onto your skin as shown in the picture.
- When the sticker is in the right position, carefully press it to your skin, then peel off the film.

Contains: 8 spiders, approx. 3x 4 cm each
Ingredients: glitter- cosmetics grade polyethylene terephthalate

This product is not suitable for sensitive skin! The product is waterproof for optimum durability. It has a peeling effect when put on and can affect the top layer of skin.