UV / Blacklight hairspray

Item #: 12370

UV / Blacklight hairspray

With shining hair you do not stay unnoticed for

The first Hairspray that glows in black light! When spraying is the UV Blacklight hairspray still transparent, but in UV light then the whole head of hair glows in UV schrillsten look.The Blacklight hairspray is great for all witches, vampires tablets, Ghouls.

The UV Blacklight hairspray can be easily combed out or wash out again.With the UV Blacklight hairspray you're the Partyknaller in every disco and Halloween Party.We have to also Hairspray black and Coloured Hairspray Red Releases!

  • Content: 125 ml.
  • the Blacklight hairspray can easily washed

Warning the dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes use, protect clothes and surroundings carefully and Large area from spray mist