Flag Garland International
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Flag Garland International

Item #: 8800320

Flag Garland International

An international flag garland for uncomitted football fans!

There are so many great teams playing, it is hard to decide which one to support.... Who is going to win the Cup? There have always been championship favourites, but lots of times there have been surprises nobody would have expected. We are looking forward to the matches with excitement!
The Flag Garland International is approx. 5 m long and features 28 approx. 28 x 20 cm flags of 15 different countries: Canada, Sweden, France, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland. The flags are slightly transparent.. The flag garland is weatherproof and can be decorated easily. Add the Flag Garland Germany 5 m and the Football Hanging Decoration for a perfect football party!

Material: 100% plastic