Jumbo Glow Stick Bat

Item #: 21129

Jumbo Glow Stick Bat

Illuminate the night of Halloween with this bat motif glow stick!

When bats get lost it has nothing to do with the darkness as they use echolocation to receive detailed images of their surroundings. But when a lot of little kids call "Trick or Treat" in high pitched voices, the bats might get confused and crash into a wall. And not only do the kids have loud voices, they also carry colourful glow sticks with bat motif to make sure they can not be missed in the dark. 

The Jumbo Glow Stick Bat is made of clear plastic with a black tip and handle. The glow stick features a bat and spider print and the outlines of graveyard at the bottom end. At the press of a button, multicoloured LEDs make the stick glow in the night. The glow stick works with 3 AAA batteries. The batteries are included. Also available are the Jumbo Leuchtstab pumpkin und Jumbo Glow Stick Ghost. For more light up bat decorations check out e.g. the Bat-Lantern with LED, the Flying Bat Animatronic and the Halloween lantern bat.

  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: black, red, clear
  • Length: approx. 31 cm
  • battery type: AAA
  • Batteries are included