Multicoloured Party Balls 1000 PCS

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Multicoloured Party Balls 1000 PCS

Great decoration ideas here at the Horror Shop!

Every year people go crazy on 11th November at 11:11 am. That's the official beginning of the German carnival season and all the carnival fans start to party. Flashy costumes and lots of laughter are guaranteed, everyone wants to have fun and party until February.

If your got tired of throwing confetti year after year, give these Multicoloured Party Balls a try! The bag contains 1000 pcs of colourful pulp balls, e.g. in yellow, blue, white, orange and green. The funny multicoloured paper balls are great for decorating, too! You can be sure that they will pep up any table decoration. And if you let your imagination run wild, you will find lots of ways to use them for handicraft work. But as even 1000 party balls don't make a perfect carnival decoration, we recommend you add our Confetti colorful 250 grams and the Blue White and Red Streamers to your order.

Material: 100% pulp