Rifle Umbrella

Item #: 660413

Rifle Umbrella

The shooting iron shield protects the shooter

As apparent protest against the too wet weather the gun umbrella is the optimal agent.While he was in his shell looks like a real gun that you can carry on the shoulder, it is serious when it starts to rain.Then aimed at the cloud moves through the trigger and the screen opens.

At the bottom of the umbrella is a narrow gun plastic handle with a trigger.Betätigst you the trigger, opens the screen.Above the screen you can see the end of a gun barrel.The black firearms shade is in a carrying bag with two straps that you put on like a backpack or can wear over the shoulder.Open the shield has a diameter of about 110 cm and is stretched by eight fiberglass struts.Those who prefer to fight with swords against the rain, should the Tanto Samurai Umbrella retest.

  • Color : Black, Brown
  • Length : About100 cm
  • Weight : About450 grams
  • Open diameter : About119 cm
  • Cover material : Polyester