Riot Bag

Item #: 8800323

Riot Bag 10 PCS

Lots of noise and a hell of a lot of fun!

Everybody loves noisemakers, especially the younger ones amongst us. A bag full of funny little things is an absolutely perfect present. The Riot Bag is perfect for children's birthday parties. It is filled with funny bits and bobs that make cool party give-aways. And you can be sure that this bag of noisemakers will keep the little rascals occupied for a while. Just don't forget to wear ear plugs!

Our Riot Bag includes 10 pcs which may vary a little from pack to packe. Normally the bag contains a rattle, a thunderer whistle, a bird whistle, a noisemaker,  a ratchet, a whistle, a hand clapper, a cheeping whistle, a lip noisemaker and a noisy bell. The Riot Bag is also perfect for making noise on carnival. A great assortment that means fun for all the family. If you are looking for more noisy fun, we recommend our Halloween Shock Bag Fireworks and the Pop Devil / Knallerbsen 10 items!

Material: 100% plastic