Candy String for men

Item #: 8801201

Candy String for men

Hmmmm, come nibble at me!

The Erotic Candy String for men is sure to be a sweet gift for your partner, with whom he enjoys nibbling can be.Not only women can wear a pearl string so we have for our men this sugary temptation.The edible men's briefs from coated colored sprinkles invites a man and woman to nibble.

This Candy String for men is indeed the anbeissen.If you want to surprise your partner / partner with a new outfit, this edible underwear is the right gift for the fashion conscious man.Try it, and you'll see that the comedy with the sugar pearls string will reach its climax.The erotic thong for men consists of our 100th sweet, colorful coated sugar beads that are held by a rubber band and have a good wearing comfort.
This sharp Mr. string is suitable to the Sweet Candy Bra and the Sweet Candy String So the sexy outfits are complete for hours together.