Sweet Candy String

Item #: 8801200

Sweet Candy String

Yummy, Yummy! The sugared temptation invites you to munch on!

The sweet candy string of colorful coated sugar beads is a sweet temptation for your next date, so the man can not leave his hands of you.Surprise him with this sweet g-string.He will not believe your eyes and make it with the edible underwear now!

Give your loved ones but something very special for two for the contemplative hours, because for these delicious sugary temptation is just right.The erotic string is something for the sweet tooth who love the unusual.This sweet underwear is made of 400 sugar-sweet candy beads and offers by the elastic rubber band a pleasant Tragekofort.This Candy String is suitable for the Sweet Candy Bra and the Candy String for men So the sexy outfits are complete for hours together.


  • Sweet Candy String with coated sugar beads
  • One Size


  • Dextose, modified corn starch, separating agent: magnesium salts of edible fatty acids, citric acid, flavorings, colorings E129, E102, E133

This product is for adults only! Suited for children under 3 years!