Balloon Accessories

Order now your balloon accessories and decorate your air and foil balloons. Wide range of balloon pumps, balloon sticks and balloon weights.

Balloon Accessories

With professional balloon accessories can be your balloons optimally present

What good is the most beautiful air or foil balloon when it is not inflated with the right accessories? Inflating a balloon with the mouth can be dangerous, especially for younger children, so you should use for a balloon pump.We have several balloon pumps that are operated either manually or electrically.

Levitate foil balloons

Helium-filled foil balloons to float controlled, but not simply make do with carelessness.Our balloon accessories helps you: offer to our balloon string, which is available in various colors.The balloon string with a fanciful balloon weight combined, leave your foil balloon in place float.

Balloon accessories to attach balloons

Balloons, filled with helium and air, can very well be transported attached to balloon sticks and hold in your hand.We carry a whole range of balloon sticks, balloon clips and balloon nets around these to decorate and secure.

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