Fresh brain

Item #: 10225

Fresh brain

Triggered latex brain as creepy Halloween Deco

The lifelike latex brain is perfect for decorating your kitchen.Pursue your party guests a huge shock when the input bloody, formaldehyde-colored latex brain is in the refrigerator or used by you as a Halloween table decorations.A scooped out of the skull the brain is perfect to decorate a laboratory scene or the slaughterhouse of Leatherface.The gourmet cuisine of Hannibal Lecter would have certainly pleased with the latex brain as juicy tidbits.Tip: Place the latex brain but in a mason jar and fill it with a bit of black tea as formaldehyde substitute on, looks really super creepy!

The latex brain as bloody Halloween body part is life-size and as often happens in real life, hollow inside.The fresh brain looks very realistic and fresh off if you do not add a few drops Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml perfected!

1 x Fresh brain

  • Color: Red / Grey / Yellow
  • Size: approx. 15 cm
  • Material: latex