Creepy critters 6 Pack

Item #: 21533

Creepy critters 6 Pack

Scary Horror Figure Set for your Halloween party

For an authentic Halloween event also includes an attractive decoration.With the scary creatures 6 pack you can decorate your party location varied - your guests will be thrilled animals!

The creepy critters 6 pack consists of a spider, a snake, a scorpion, a bat, a lizard and a centipede.The black creatures with red eyes are perfect as floor and table decoration and an eye-catcher for every horror fan.Further crawling and creeping decorative items, we recommend Bag of Cockroaches and the Maden UV luminous (48 St) ,

  • Delivery: A creepy critters 6 Pack
  • Color: black red
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approximately7 to 14 cm