Castle specter hanging figure 90cm

Item #: 16650

Schlossgespenst Hanging Figure

Halloween hanging prop as Gruseldeko

Halloween is just right spirits hard to finally really let it celebrate castle ghosts and poltergeists! Since the mega hit movie 13 Ghosts and Ghost news of Sam spirits and beings from the intermediate world is no longer of Halloween parties are indispensable.Many Halloween parties and Carnival balls are occupied topics since Ghosts and Spooky.

The castle ghost-hanging figure is best adapted to hang from the ceiling and to decorate the ballroom of a ghost party.The long-haired hanging figure of Schlossgespenst has a skull and skeletal hands made of plastic, has a black dress with rags Gazefetzen and loves the witching hour.The shaggy ghost is also a very nice gift for the host of a Halloween and horror party.