Totenkopf metal optics

Item #: 17057

Totenkopf metal optics

Skulls as table decorations

The skull is often considered a sign of power over life and death.The skull is now a popular decorative motif for Red Skull and Bones T Shirt Gr. M , Belts and as a piece of furniture for the apartment.Be it as Skull in Hand Ashtray or paperweight.The heavy metal or gothic scene without skulls and Skulls hardly imaginable but with bikers and goths the different variations of Skulls are very popular.

The beautifully designed skulls in metallic look is silver on one side, while the other half of the handmade skull, showcases red and with lilies.The heavy ornate skull is about14cm high and 20cm wide.

Material: Polyresin, Size: 20cm x 15cm