Ghost lollipops

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Ghost lollipops

Se Naschgeister love our ghost lollipops

Se Halloween lollipops lollipops as the ghosts drfen missing in any "Trick or Treat Tte".Order now for funny Halloween sweets here at and berrasche the little sweet tooth but with the cute ghosts for Halloween lollipops.Individual and individually packaged, the ghosts lollipop is ideal for the "Trick or Treat Tte"

The Weie ghost lollipops with his black button eyes is very fruity in taste and is mounted on a ring stand so that the ghost lollipops can serve as a "ses jewel" before it is then licked up eventually.For a proper Halloween party with several children there s still our Haribo Vampires Fruit Gums or the Funny monster lollipops

Package included: 1 x Ghost Lollipops

  • Color: White / Black
  • Taste: Fruity
  • Weight: 15g

Nhrwerte: Calories: 60 Total Fat: 0, Total Carbohydrate: 14g sugar: 9g, Protein: 0,
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, citric acid, artificial flavors (apple, orange, grape) modified strke, gelatin, coloring (E129, EE102, E133, E171).Dyes can Aktivitt and impair attention of children.

Country of Origin: China Manufacturer: Oriental Trading Company P.O.Box 2308 Omaha, NE 68103-2308