Halloween Sweets Mix

Item #: 17547

Halloween Sweets Mix

When all the little ghosts awake for Halloween to go trick or treating, our Halloween Sweets Mix is just what you need. This great Halloween candy mix will surprise the little scary monsters, witches and vampires, because this carnival candy mix contains chewing gum with super sour filling, lollipops with chewing gum filling, chocolate caramel candy, a colourful selection of all sorts of sweets. Fill these great sweets in our Scary Bonbon Bowl Of Graping Hand and scare the zombies,   vampires and witches who will knock at your door! The colourful candy mix comes in a 1,24 kg pack. If you are a little trick or treater, you will need our Trick Or Treat Bag With Pumpkin Motif to collect all the goodies!

Ingridients according to variety. Please get the exact ingredients of each variety from the package:

Contains 240 pieces, approx. 635 g

Ingredients: corn syrup, gum base, fructose, starch, citric acid, malic acid, glycerine, invert sugar, partially hydrogenated soy oil, whole milk powder, modified starch,  whey powder, natural and nature identical flavourings, couverture, salt, caramel colour, dextrine, cornflour, soya lecithin, paraffin, preservative Butylhydroxytoluene, Monostearin, tapioca, artificial colours E 100, E102, E129 and E 133, E 171, may contain traces of milk, eggs and soya.