Cobwebs Plate with black spiders

Item #: 16346

Cobwebs Plate black

With cobweb and spider decorated large serving dish

Order to you now, the decorated with spiders and cobwebs cobwebs Plate and thus Decorate your Halloween buffet.The right Hallloween party dishes, like our Moody Plate should be missing on any scary event.In real Halloween atmosphere serving dishes are just right for your loving, creepy-clad guests to bring in sentiment and to open your Halloween buffet.

How it would be because our black cobwebs Plate? This is verzeiert cm large in diameter una rim with silver cobwebs and 4 silver red spiders.Matching there is our with us Spiderweb Snack Bowl Black and our Cobwebs wine glass black ,Then the Halloween party may indeed come!

  • Scope of supply: 1 x cobwebs Plate black
  • Color: Black
  • Size:
  • Material: Plastic