Cobwebs Plate with Glitter

Item #: 14295

Cobwebs Plate with Glitter

Large creepy Vorlegeplatte with cobwebs to serve witches appetizers on the next Halloween party

Once a year, excellent food with spider legs, bat wings and frog eyes.Whether or Halloween Carnival, the cry still echoes long in your ears if you or such savory treats on the cobwebs PlateVorlegeplatte servierst.
Large shaped floor plate or underplate plastic, in cobwebs look with orange and black spider as a motive.

The front plate is provided with glitter.Ideal for serving snacks, sweets and Fingefood the course proper style with Black plastic spiders (144 pcs) be added.The serving dish not catch on either Halloween or witches Party absence.The cobwebs Vorlegeplatte has a diameter of 40x36,8cm and can nicely with our Spiderweb Champagne Glass Transparent combine!

Material: Plastic, not Dishwasher