Eisklarer skull cup

Item #: 15409

Eisklarer skull cup

Halloween cup to Potions & Horror drinks to serve atmospheric

The milky, frosty eisklare skull cup makes special good when poisonous-looking, best colored beverage is served as a magic potion or witch punch it.These offer excellent our various Red food coloring in! The cup with skull motif that looks like carved out of ice, is an extraordinary and extravagant way to conjure up a moody Halloween table decorations.

The chilly Halloween skull cup is made of plastic and has a height of about18 cm.Fits this would be the Crystal Clear Skull Beer Mug That Paper Plates Black with Skull 18PCS and of course our Bloodbath tablecloth

Package included: 1 x Eisklarer skull cup

  • Color: Eisklar
  • Size: approx. 18 cm
  • Material: Plastic