Purple cobwebs Plate with spiders

Item #: 16877

Cobwebs Plate violet

A Halloween party without the proper creepy and eerie Halloween table decoration is only half the battle.A great Halloween decoration idea is when various snack foods, salads and imaginatively decorated Partyschnittchen be placed on corresponding Spinnwebenl plate, thus ensuring at your Halloween party guests for mood.

The purple cobwebs Plate decorated with four thick spiders that have a rhinestone as body and thus 3 D moderate lift off the plate and give the Halloween dish so that the unique appearance.The large square plate has approx. 39cm in diameter and has a slightly oval shape.Conveniently, the Halloween table decorations made of plastic and is thus suitable as opposed to paper plates, excellent can be used repeatedly as a creepy decorative object.Hervoragend a creepy horror table decoration fits our Bloodbath tablecloth That Spiderweb Champagne Glass Transparent and of course our Halloween Skull Goblet Grey Purple ,

Material: plastic, size 39cm