Dark Fairy Dark Rose Collectors Figurine

Item #: 15940

Dark Fairy Dark Rose Collector's Figurine

The proud dark fairy is standing upright, a single black rose clenched in her fist. Who's the dark prince who gave it to her? She's not allowed any contact with mortal beings, but the prince broke her heart. What will she do now? This beautiful collectors figurine is made of polyresin. The black and white design gives it a very special, a very dark touch. The dark fairy wears a beautiful long dress and has impressive butterfly wings on her back. This figurine is a gorgeous decorative item for your family altar or a cool accessory for a little home-made fantasy scenery. Place the dark rose in some  Decoration Moss 125g and decorate her with Cobweb 40gr white. and you'll have a perfect decoration.

Material: polyresin

Size: approx. 31cm