Rusty barbed wire 3.6 m

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Rusty barbed wire 3.6 m

Realistic-looking barbed wire as morbid horror decorations

The rusty barbed wire you give your Halloween decorations that look as if decades come any visitor of the way.The false barbed wire is perfect in order to turn your rooms into old prison, prison cells or in a dark torture chamber of witch-hunting.By his real appearance but soft quality, barbed wire effects is also ideal for blatant makeup.

The fake barbed wire sees as a make-up accessory awesome from when this z.Examplea body / head is bound and is also decorated with fake blood.The rusty barbed wire is made of soft material and therefore flexible and safe to use as decoration for your Halloween party or for professional film sets.

Package included: 1 x Rusty barbed wire

  • Color : Rust Brown
  • Length: approx. 3.6 m
  • Material: Synthetic fiber