Torture surgeons Cutlery Tray

Item #: 15456

Torture Surgeon Tray

Derbe Halloween decoration for your horror party!

Ever since movies like Saw, Hostel and The Horseman resumed torture scenes in the horror film genre, is a Halloween party without rough torture chambers and dungeons sadistic inconceivable.The right splatter and gore fans now have to decorate a wide range of make-up and decorative items to a realistic film set like Saw or Hostel.Here the meal tray of verückten Dr. Kill Joy Costume Who simply held surgical instruments used normal rusty Craftsman tool for his heart surgery.

The massive tray of solid Kunstsoff has displayed as a photo a fresh heart and various bloody tool.The supercool horror tablet is great, your guests when serving the welcome cocktails to be equal to crawl a decent shiver down the spine.Particularly suitable would be to, for example, our Cups transparent Skull and Bones or the Spiderweb Champagne Glass Transparent !

The torture surgeons tray is 38 x 28,5 cm tall